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kissMe! Teeth Whitening Kit + Enamel Booster, Tooth GlossPocket Whitener

Feel confident to get close to that special someone with the The Platinum Teeth Whitening Combo. The Platinum includes the kissMe!Teeth Whitening Kit plus the Enamel Booster™ - a nutrient replenishing gel designed to keep your teeth strong and healthy,  the kissMe! Tooth Gloss a non-peroxide product that instantly brightens your teeth, and the Pocket Whitener™ - a convenient whitening applicator that allows you to whiten on-the-go!


The Platinum Contains:

  • 1 Soft-Bite Mouth Tray

  • 2 Photo-White 3ml 30% CP Syringes

  • 1 Kool-Blu LED Light

  • 1 Tray Case

  • 1 Shade Guide

  • 6 Preloaded Vitamin E Swabs

  • 2 Enamel Booster 3ml syringes

  • 1 Tooth Gloss

  • 1 Pocket Whitener

kissMe!™ Teeth Whitening Kit

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  • kissMe!™ Teeth Whitening Kit
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  • kissMe! Tooth Gloss™
  • kissMe! Pocket Whitener™
  • kissMe! Enamel Booster™

Product Description

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How To Use

  • Details

    Soft-Bite™ Mouth Tray


    An instant, hassle-free custom forming mouth tray – no boiling water required. This is not a ”one size fits all” tray that many other kits have. This unique tray, made with FDA certified food-grade silicone, creates a perfect, soft mold of your teeth, can be used multiple times, and can even be re-formed should the need arise. Included is a hard plastic case for easy and convenient storage.


    Ingredients: Vinyl casing, food-grade silicone


    Photo-White™ Gel


    The kissMe! Teeth Whitening Kit contains 2 Photo-White 3ml 30% CP (carbamide peroxide) syringes – enough for 6 treatments. Each treatment takes only 20 minutes, so it’s quick and easy. Experience a noticeably more attractive smile after your first treatment! Our Photo-White™ gel is a unique formula that contains Photo-Booster – a special patented ingredient designed to enhance and accelerate the effect of the included blue led light for even more dramatic results. How many other whiteners can say that!


    Ingredients: propylene glycol, glycerin, carbamide peroxide, photo-booster, carbopol, trolamine, natural peppermint oil, ferrous gluconate, sucralose, mica/titanium dioxide


    Enamel Booster

    Its special proprietary formula includes essential minerals, such as Potassium and Magnesium, that contribute to strong, healthy teeth. The Enamel Booster
    strengthens your enamel by replacing precious vitamins and minerals that are lost from consuming acidic foods and beverages. 

    As a bonus, kissMe! Enamel Booster contains other special ingredients that will add a noticeable shine and brilliance to your teeth!

    Ingredients: propylene glycol, glycerin, carbopole, natural peppermint oil, dibasic calcium phosphate, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, trolamine, blue shade liquid

    Kool-Blu LED Light


    This portable, convenient and effective whitening accelerator is a must if you wish to achieve the best whitening results possible. This cool blue led light activates and accelerates the breakdown process of the whitening gel, enabling you to achieve maximum results in just 20 minutes.


    Vitamin E Swabs


    Great for those with sensitivity issues. Applied before and after treatments.


    Tooth GlossTM


    The perfect way to instantly brighten your teeth anytime you need to.  Its convenient size and easy to use applicator allow for use anytime, anywhere! Our special patented formula uses Crystal Foam Technology to bring you a breakthrough oral enhancement product.  Application to teeth causes instant brightening. 

    As a bonus, a special mint-flavored ingredient provides powerful and long-lasting breath freshening.

    Ingredients: purified water, carbopol, poloxamer 407, sucralose, sodium benzoate, dehydrated alcohol 200 proof, eucalyptol, l-menthol crystals, sodium hydroxide, glitter ultrafine iridescent


    Pocket WhitenerTM


    Uses a special whitening formula that is ideal for whitening on-the-go and frequent use. Continues to whiten your teeth throughout the day. No tray or light needed. Use after meals, or after drinking coffee, soda, or other colored beverages to prevent re-staining. Convenient and attractive case allows you to take it anywhere.

    Ingredients: propylene glycol, glycerin, carbamide peroxide, photo-booster, carbopol, trolamine, natural peppermint oil, ferrous gluconate, sucralose

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  • Additional Information

    How To Use

    Download Instruction Booklet


    STEP 1


    Make An Impression - Gently bite down on silicone center of mouth tray to form an exact impression of your  upper and lower teeth. Carefully remove tray from mouth once impression has been made.


    STEP 2


    Apply Photo-White Gel – After removing the end cap, squeeze a small amount of gel (the size of a match head) into each tooth impression.  Use approximately 1/2 ml for each side (1ml total per treatment). Carefully insert loaded tray into mouth, bite down firmly.


    STEP 3


    Turn On Blue LED Light – After inserting mouth tray, take your blue LED light and place your lips over the clear plastic mouthpiece (or just hold it if you prefer). Turn light on by pressing the white button.  Recommended treatment time: 10-20 minutes total. Remove light and tray, rinse tray with room temperature water and try with paper towel.


    STEP 4


    Apply Enamel Booster-- For best results, perform immediately after a whitening treatment.  Rinse and dry your mouth tray.  Apply a small bead of gel onto each tooth impression – ½ ml for the top, ½ ml for the bottom – 1 ml total per treatment. Insert tray into mouth and leave for 5 minutes.  No LED light required.  Remove tray and rinse. 


    For Best Results –  Perform 1-2 treatments every other day until all 6 treatments have been performed. Repeat this process every 6 months. Note: Sensitivity levels will vary. Treatments should only be performed at a frequency you can tolerate.


    Tooth GlossUse Instructions

    • Remove applicator to apply a thin, even layer directly onto your teeth.
    • Rinsing after each use is optional.
    • Can be used daily or as often as needed

    Pocket Whitener™ Use Instructions

    • Remove applicator to apply a thin, even layer of whitening formula directly onto your teeth.
    • Leave gel on your teeth, do not rinse. Gel will dissolve automatically.
    • Can be used daily as needed.